Album Review: Oso Oso - Basking In The Glow

Oso Oso has patented a sound that always feels comfortable to listen to. Whether you’ve been indulging in their music nonstop, or take a break and come back to enjoy it again, every Oso record is familiarly pleasant. It’s this sound that given them a wide appeal, and got them nominated for The Alt’s Album of the Year in 2015 with their debut, Real Stories of True People, and then win the whole thing in 2017 with the yunahon mixtape. The newest release from Jade Lilitri’s project is another homer

Album Review: Prince Daddy & The Hyena - 'Cosmic Thrill Seekers'

Prince Daddy & the Hyena operate like a Kansas tornado, or a black hole. Their gravitational force pulls in the entire DIY rock community, and draws its focus whenever they announce something new. The release of Cosmic Thrill Seekers has magnified that force and allowed their audience to not only expand, but focus on a singularly important issue of mental wellness in an astonishingly nuanced collection of songs. The band has matured thematically, improved their audio quality by strides, and has

Interview: Frank Iero Breaks Down His New Album 'Barriers'

Interview: Frank Iero Breaks Down His New Album ‘Barriers’ I recently had an opportunity to talk to Frank Iero, formerly of the group My Chemical Romance, about his recently released LP as a solo artist. We discussed creative inspiration for the album, and the evolution of his solo project, from its inception as “frnkiero and the cellabration” in 2014, to now, as Frank Iero and The Future Violents. After listening to the Frank Iero and The Future Violents’ new album, Barriers, I found that it

Three Poems - Luciano Ferrara

Luciano Ferrara is a senior at SUNY Albany and a member of the English Honor Society. Excelling in creative writing and fiction, Luciano is also an accomplished lyricist and songwriter. He is currently working on a fantasy novel and hopes to graduate with honors from UAlbany, and attend grad school in Boston, in an effort to become an author and an important part of the modern literary world. He is a contributing writer for the music press site The Alternative and released his fourth solo record

Get Drunk and Press Play: The Nostalgia Fetishism of Emo Nights

Get Drunk and Press Play: The Nostalgia Fetishism of Emo Nights A couple weeks ago, I attended my first Emo Night; both as a showgoer and to debut the musical stylings of my DJ alter ego, DJ Dia-Beats. To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about going to a “concert” with no live performances. What was so great about jamming to a Spotify playlist on stage? However, with nothing to lose and little idea what I was expected to do, I accepted. What I did know was that I had to make a playlist of